1. I'm guessing more than half of the people who have read a book offering business or lifestyle advice do NOT achieve their desired results (It's probably more like 90%)
  2. There are so many books that offer great advice, BUT this eBook breaks down the actions you need to take into chunks of daily activities and prioritises them. It's interactive.
  3. The eBook lists all the appropriate links you need for researching and bringing your product or idea to life. The links are 'live' and ready to click on as well as including additional links specifically for Aussies
  4. The eBook offers suggested reading and other tricks and tips so you know where to get more information when you need it, including contacting us!
  5. You can start taking action based on your eBook right away...just set a date to start
  6. Work your own dates into the checklist Eg. It's a 60 day plan, but you might want to work it 2 out of 3 days (part time) or every morning before work and one weekend day. It's all about flexibility and setting your own agenda. It doesn't have to be 60 days in a row if that doesn't suit you
  7. The guide includes optional stuff AND the authors notes to give you the realisation that you can START NOW. Don't wait for the perfect time. (Hint: There isn't one). Just set a date and get started
  8. You need to be matter what. It won't work without you starting it!!!
  9. It's only $57 with a 110% money back guarantee. C'mon. Why put it off any longer? 
What's holding you back???