Q: How do I know Join the Digital Nomads will work for me?

A: The checklist is designed to give you real life application. It will include days for 'testing' your new idea or product and an opportunity to go back and start over if the first idea does not work. All this will be before you have invested any money (other than a small amount on test ads). Your first product might not be your best product. You will learn from your own mistakes as well as feedback we will post from other 'nomads' and updates and it will get easier for each new product you sell.

Q: What if I don't get enough money to pay all the bills?

A: Trial the activity check-list by starting from your own home in your spare hours. Set the date to start and then, once you have an income...even if only small, take your caravan (or stay at a friends for a few nights) and test everything from there. You will have fun doing this while you test your product sales from a remote location. There are many opportunities within the checklist to restart until you get your product selling. As soon as enough money comes can take off.

Q: I've tried things like this before and I lose motivation part the way through and never finish. How can I stay motivated?

A: There are tips and tricks all the way through the checklist to keep you motivated and on track for actually achieving your goals. This includes contacting us for support as well as many other ways you can get help. Just follow the steps and don't stop!!

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